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First, go to the Admin Panel, click the Channels tab and select Chat. Next, go to Support Center Web Themes" and open your default theme.

Once inside your default theme, click on "Advanced Themes" and select "Layout". " and replace the existing block of code below with the widget's embed code you copied.

It also has a growing list of features and the constant support.

Check Wise Chat PRO: private messages, avatars, Facebook-like sidebar mode, Pro themes, Multisite support, Buddy Press integration, Facebook/Twitter/G login and more! Wise Chat: Try DEMO here | Documentation | Full features list For full documentation of the shortcode attributes visit the website: Shortcode documentation You can install Wise Chat using dedicated shortcode.

For full documentation of the shortcode visit the website: Shortcode documentation Place the following short code in your page or post: [wise-chat channel=”my-channel-name”] or add this PHP snippet in the theme’s source file: or put “Wise Chat Window” widget on the desired sidebar and set the desired channel name in Channel field.

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