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To explain the dominance and relationships of these entities, they were all given a visual hierarchy that gives prominent treatment to companies with the most users (or sites with the most visitors), surrounding them with smaller countries representing related websites and services.

Map of the Internet 1.0 is divided into 2 main parts.

By Mark Hugo Lopez, Ana Gonzalez-Barrera and Danielle Cuddington The nation’s Latino population is diverse.

Represented among the 51.9 million Latinos in the United States are individuals who trace their heritage to more than 20 Spanish-speaking nations worldwide. Hispanics, or 33.5 million, traced their family origins to Mexico, according to Pew Research Center tabulations of the 2011 American Community Survey (ACS).

Online dating is a huge business, but most dating sites are still stuck in the 90s.

They don’t take advantage of developments in video and social networking, and they don’t have good mobile experiences.

Here are a few startups I met at Tech Crunch Disrupt SF that want to bring online dating into the modern era.

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But he still wants to solve the online dating problem. The entire experience, including filling out your profile, happens on a mobile device.Mexican-origin Hispanics have always been the largest Hispanic-origin group in the U. In 1860, for example, among the 155,000 Hispanics living in the U. Since then the origins of the nation’s Hispanic population have diversified as growing numbers of immigrants from other Latin American nations and Puerto Rico settled in the U. For example, between 19, Hispanics from places other than Mexico nearly doubled their representation among U. Since then it has declined slightly—to 65%—as Mexican migration to the U. has slowed (Passel, Cohn and Gonzalez-Barrera, 2012). Hispanics of Mexican origin have the lowest median age, at 25 years, while Hispanics of Cuban origin have the highest median age, at 40 years.The nation’s Hispanic-origin population differs in many other ways as well. Venezuelans are the most likely to have a college degree (51%) while Guatemalans and Salvadorans are among the least likely (7%). Hispanics are also the nation’s largest immigrant group and one of its fastest growing populations.The app is ad supported, but Cafferata says a paid ad-free version will be released later.Video Date is only available for mobile devices, but Cafferata says a full web version may eventually follow.