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No replacement bus services have been able to run because of flooding.But Northern Rail this afternoon said it expected services between Shipley, Ilkley and Leeds to re-open in time for the first timetabled services to run tomorrow morning.In manuscripts, words are often spelt in various ways, even in the same document.It was not until the appearance of the dictionary by Nathan Bailey in 1730 and Samuel Johnson in 1755 that there was any attempt at standardisation.Garrison Hill in Kohima was the farthest that Hideki Tojo’s men ever penetrated: their retreat was a turning point in the war, Britain’s Midway, England’s Stalingrad.

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One of the best-known memorials to the fallen of the Second World War is also among the least visited. Her pinned tweet is the picture of self-confidence and resilience: "I have found happiness in myself because I don't feel the need to find it in a man." Yes, girl.Incidentally, Dunn isn't the first teen to get creative with the prom pics.It is at Kohima, in Nagaland, a simple white cross on a grey headstone. To most who manage the journey into the cool, damp hills of eastern India, the answers are simple: Home is England, Them is the English, and Us – well, we were the English also: men, in this case, of the vanishing contingent of the 4th Battalion, the Royal West Kent Regiment.The epitaph is a heart-breakingly spare quatrain: But where is Home? A scant few hundred of these gallants held back one full division of the Japanese army, three infantry and one artillery regiment, and fought with them on the assistant commissioner’s tennis court, bayonet to bayonet, for six merciless weeks until reinforcements arrived and drove the enemy back to the east.