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And with the schoolgirls' earning potential in such operations so much greater compared to regular part-time jobs, it is little wonder why many choose the former.

"After the enforcement, there will still be high school girls out there who are going to want to earn pocket money, and the men who target these girls won't disappear, either," said an official from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

In , this unstable landscape exerts an otherworldly influence over its inhabitants. A house becomes jealous when its teenage inhabitant falls in love.

Women lure men from dating sites to their house and eat them.

Browse the collection and make connections among objects you know and newly discovered masterpieces.

Search the entire National Gallery of Art collection by artist's last name, key words in the title, key words in object information, credit line, provenance name, accession number, exhibition history, and/or catalogue raisonné.

, Paramore have a new album and tour in 2017; Cute is What We Aim For toured their first record in full last year." This all leads to an inevitable conclusion that emo is here to stay and that it desperately needs a digital dating platform that offers a possibility to get in touch with local emo singles anytime, anywhere.

Thus the convenient name, Meet Local Emos, for a brand-new dating site that goes well with an image of a revamped and matured emo culture that is not all about black eyeliner anymore.

The teenager’s girlfriend betrays her with the lovesick house, turning the story into a wryly juvenile love triangle.

regulating underage schoolgirl dating services aiming to curb the seedy business, there is fear the change will simply push operators further underground where illicit sexual activities will continue unseen.

The new law that came into force on July 1 prohibits girls younger than 18 from working in the so-called "JK business." JK stands for "joshi kosei," the literal translation of "high school girl." But the problem needs a broader solution as business is seemingly booming on the internet where an abundance of websites offer services from high school girls advertised with various sexually implicit euphemisms.

Luckily, there is a new emo dating site, which was created with a sole purpose to connect all emo lovers nationwide and its name is

According to Marianne Eloise's article on Dazed Digital, there is irrefutable evidence that emo subculture has never actually ceased to exist: "The evidence is everywhere.