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All the information on what the town was going to look like was agreed long before the basic proposal was placed before the council.''It was more than a decade ago that regional planners agreed there was a strategic need for a new town to meet the demands of growth in Plymouth.

An area around Sherford was deemed ideal for development.

But when the exact site was picked, there were several thousand objections, particularly from the nearby village of Brixton.

South Hams council did not go down the usual route of sprawling red-brick hutches.

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For unlike the Government's proposed eco-towns that have raised such ire across the country, Sherford has been embraced by locals - thanks to the simple trick of including any objectors in the design process.''Before outline planning permission was applied for, the local authority worked hard to get all interested parties on board,'' says Paul Tyler, the major developments officer for South Hams district council, in whose area the new town will be built. We had a range of stakeholders from transport to drainage, who were consulted from the beginning.

Let's make the environment around us a better place to live!

Kind of shops: The theme is best for sun batteries and other eco-technology companies.

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