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He spent much time in central India (Alwar, Baroda, Bhopal, Gwalior, Udaipur and several other cities in Rajasthan).

He first visited Banaras (Kashi) in Uttar Pradesh in April 1863, he was only the second photographer (after Samuel Bourne) to do so.

Then I read an article where Rob mentioned the end of Breaking Dawn (and have since forgotten which article it was since it was such a horrible thought) and I basically had a bad week. Turns out, I was wrong: I’m in Baton Rouge for a conference (they were really convinced after I suggested the location because “it’s more affordable and saving the extra money adds to our bottom line at the end of year”! He’s Peter, nomad- Jasper’s friend), Michael Sheen, and some others.

But 2 strong cocktails Wednesday night, beer & wine at work after a 14 hour event, plus 5 glasses of wine at dinner on Friday AND Saturday nights helped. ) and have had the awesome privilege of hanging out with a number of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn cast. Damn.* But I have pictures to prove that they are actually here in Louisiana! I read LTT all the time and also was curious about the lack of BR photos available.

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Dear Unicorns, LTTers & those who care about a man’s opinion of New Moon, Today is my 4 year wedding anniversary with Mr. This combined with my mention last week of not being done with New Moon quite yet really puts me in the mood to share with you an experience I had a week or so ago: Mr.

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REMINDER: There are 4 auto-play video ads that play sometimes throughout the day. I just mean that this year, with the recent release of but so far I’ve come up with this: Everyone is already a Twilight fan!

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Dear Twilight, Last week I hopped on to Breaking Dawn my go to source for Twilight news (besides Twilight FB which is my go-to place for the opportunity to respond to news with comments like “I BET ROBSTEN REALLLY LIKES THIS NEWS STORY” (all in caps, of course)) and something struck me. Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store are actually there.

It struck me once with this headline from March 23rd: Breaking Dawn Filming Completed of the Swan House, Deconstruction Begins Is this actually happening? And I don’t just mean “What will I write about on LTT after THE END? The Twilight saga & the shooting of its movies has been a part of my life for YEARS now. Even I was convinced that those cast pictures from the other day were just staged pictures sent to us from Stephenie just to rub it on our faces our that she was hanging on the set, hiding in Rob’s trailer, eating Taylor’s meat patties and we weren’t.