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She appeared in movies like Cul-de-sac, Two for the Road, Casino Royale, The Cape Town Affair, The Detective and The Sweet Ride.

She is remembered for her sex comedy movie The First time.

Bereft by the recent loss of her mother, for whom she cared her entire life, Doris passionately attempts to figure out how she could possibly win John.

It turns out her zany wardrobe is a hit in Williamsburg, and the two end up becoming friends.

Bisset, 69, earned the accolade for her work in the miniseries "Dancing on the Edge." The visibly stunned actress stood silent for a moment on stage after collecting her prize, then recalled how the Hollywood Foreign Press Association honored her decades ago with a Globe for Promising Newcomer.

Once hailed by Newsweek as ‘the most beautiful film actress of all time', it was scenes of her swimming underwater in a t-shirt in the 1977 movie The Deep with Nick Nolte that catapulted Bisset to international stardom.

Terenzio recalls a fight she’d had with John over not being shown the September 1995 inaugural edition of George. Bessette quickly proved herself to be an attentive, thoughtful friend, even playing the fairy godmother from time to time. He was simply as disorganized and clueless as a kid.” Still, their arguments and her annoyances didn’t put a damper on their joy at telling Terenzio they’d gotten engaged over the 1995 Fourth of July weekend at his family’s place on Martha’s Vineyard. “He asked me to marry him out on the water, on the boat,” she said. He told me, ‘Fishing is so much better with a partner.’ ” The low-key beach wedding in Cumberland Island, Ga., went off without a hitch, but the ensuing relationship didn’t get any easier. ” Terenzio writes that Carolyn, who had known about it for weeks, was trying to get out of it by playing dumb. The more Bessette felt ill at ease in her relationship and with the constant paparazzi attention, the more the media swooped in, alternately labeling her shallow, soulless and unstable. “The monstrous picture on the screen conflicted with an image that continued to run through my mind, consoling me like an old family photo, of John landing in a field and exiting the plane, a dirt-streaked Carolyn, angry but unhurt, not far behind,” she writes. Ted Kennedy’s office phoned in the pre-dawn of Sunday morning.

British actress Jacqueline Bisset won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Movie, Series or Miniseries in Los Angeles Sunday night.Childhood Life The British actress was daughter to a lawyer and general practitioner.Although she was born in Surrey, she was brought up in Reading, Berkshire.Still turning heads: The English actress has been a sex symbol since the 1977 movie The Deep in which she was shown swimming underwater in a t-shirt in scenes credited with making wet t-shirt contests popular She has never married but has had several long-term actors Michael Sarrazin, Alexander Godunov and Vincent Perez and with real estate magnate Victor Drai and martial arts instructor Emin Boztepe.Stepping up to the microphone to accept the Best Supporting Actress award in a miniseries for her performance in BBC's period jazz drama, Dancing on the Edge, the blind-sighted star was stifled by an attack of crippling nerves. I don't feel understood about the whole thing." She pauses, swallowing contempt for the episode. "With the modern internet, people are really stupid about what they say.