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Cluster analysis showed that the black-seeded accessions were largely clustered together and the breeding lines were grouped with known origin.Computer simulation was performed to assess the impact of 454 SNPs missing and revealed considerable changes in allelic count, bias in detection of genetic structure, and large deviations from the expected genetic-distance matrix.The storage process (130) controls access to the storage unit (30 with 100-105 and 110-115).Software routines (220) are used to provide direct access to the storage unit (30 with 100-105 and 110-115) by the request CPU (22).

Memory protection is provided by an access validation method maintained by each CPU in which CPUs and/or I/O devices are provided with a validation to read/write memory of that CPU, without which memory access is denied. A multiple processing system, comprising: a plurality of central processing units;a plurality of input/output devices; and a network interconnecting the central processing units and the input/output devices so that any one of the central processing units has communicative access to any one of the input/output devices without requiring use of any other of the plurality of central processing units. 10577-282 FAIL-FAST, FAIL-FUNCTIONAL, FAULT-TOLERANT MULTIPROCESSOR SYSTEM BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONThe present invention is directed generally to data processing systems, and more particularly to a multiple processing system and a reliable system area network that provides connectivity for interprocessor and input/output communication. The earliest high availability systems were developed in the 1950's by IBM, Univac, and Remington Rand for military applications. The 1960's also saw the development of the first AT&T electronic switching systems. Several other commercial fault tolerant systems were introduced in the 1980's (O. 4,907,228 is also an example of this pair-and-spare technique, and the shared-memory transaction based system.), and triple-modular-re~n~nt systems such as the "Integrity" computing system manufactured by Tandem Computers Incorporated of Cupertino, California, assignee of this application and the invention disclosed herein.Sequence similarity searches have performed in genome and scaffold data to identify homologues of Fox O in vertebrates.Phylogenetic analysis was used to characterize the family evolutionary history by identifying two duplications early in vertebrate evolution.Forkhead box, class O (Fox O) belongs to the large family of forkhead transcription factors that are characterized by a conserved forkhead box DNA-binding domain.To date, the Fox O group has four mammalian members: Fox O1, Fox O3a, Fox O4 and Fox O6, which are orthologs of DAF16, an insulin-responsive transcription factor involved in regulating longevity of worms and flies.