Mindless behavior dating quiz

Plus it’s covered in one of our favorite candies, Skittles!

” Back in June, we revealed Ryan Beatty‘s present from the candy company: a rainbow microphone!

Also, in addition to her premiere coverage running on Teen, she’ll attend their upcoming concert at Universal’s City Walk and will introduce the group on stage when they perform an exclusive live 30-minute set.

Thousands entered, but only one could win, and now Teen can exclusively reveal the winner of Mindless Behavior‘s “Your Lyrics, Their Voices” contest!

That’s right, one lucky winner wrote their own song lyrics for an alternate verse of the popular title track, “All Around the World,” and will not only get to watch the band perform those lyrics LIVE, but will have the track featured on their upcoming deluxe album from Target! A huge congratulations are in order for Diamond W.!

In fact, one of the songs Mindless Behavior will be performing during their City Walk concert includes Diamond’s lyric version of “All Around the World”!

If you’re wanting to hear the tune, you’re in luck as Mindless Behavior is dropping their deluxe album only at Target and on March 12.

Mindless behavior dating quiz